Yokokawa Station

The famous terminus on what was once Japan’s steepest slope whose ekiben was also famous.

The final station on the Shinetsu Line which has one of the most famous ekiben (station box lunch) in the country, Toge-no-Kamameshi(Japanese Pilaf of the Pass) which has even been given a Royal Warrant of Appointment. From here, the beautiful landscape of the undeveloped woodland can be seen.

Yokokawa Station is famous even among Japan’s railway fans. It was first opened in 1885 as a hub station for the railroad getting over the difficult terrain of the Usuitoge Pass. The surrounding area is the grand nature of Mt. Myogi and nearby there is also the Usui Barrier Station which is located on the Nakasendo Route. Until the Hokuriku Shinkansen was launched, many trains had stopped at Yokokawa Station and while they were waiting for preparations to go over Usuitoge Pass, there were plenty of passengers who went to buy ekiben. The tremendously popular Toge-no-Kamameshi which was served hot to passengers in ceramic pots is still one of the most famous ekiben in Japan as a symbol of Yokokawa Station.

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Address 398 Yokokawa, Matsuidamachi, Annaka, Gunma