Nakanotake Shrine

Prayers have been heard here for hundreds of years towards Japan’s largest golden Daikokuten (God of Wealth).

Nakanotake Shrine is famous for Japan’s largest golden statue of the God of Wealth which stands 20m tall. It is also a shrine that has held the Kinoene Festival for hundreds of years in which prayers are given late into the night.

Nakanotake Shrine which has been placed against the backdrop of the steep rocky mountain known as Mt. Myogi is surrounded by a magnificent natural environment, and is famous for Japan’s largest statue of Daikokuten, standing 20m tall. The shrine has attracted many worshipers to share in the God of Wealth’s power. A Daikokuten usually holds a small gavel, but the one at Nakanotake holds a sword, something only observed with few of the statues, and so along with providing good fortune, it is also said that this Daikokuten can ward off evil. In this shrine which was built in the year 819, the centuries-old Kinoene Festival has been held in which prayers are given late into the night.

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