Myogi Shrine

The shrine buildings reveal the beauty of magnificent Japanese architecture at the center of worship toward Mt. Myogi.

Worship of Mt. Myogi centers upon the harmony between the beauty of Japanese traditional architecture which includes aspects such as the splendid main building carrying the gist of Edo Era architecture and the huge mossy stone walls, and the rough landscape of the mountain.

Myogi Shrine is located at the foot of Mt. Hakuun which is the main peak for Mt. Myogi known for its strangely-shaped rocks, and is a dignified shrine with an abundance of old cedar trees. Known to grant good fortune, thriving business, scholastic excellence for children, matchmaking success, and even good luck to farming silkworms, it has attracted many worshipers especially from the Kanto area. The various buildings including the National Important Cultural Asset of the head shrine, the Karamon gate and the main gate were built between the early and middle Edo Era, and as magnificent structures holding the gist of the architecture from those times along with the 10m-high gigantic mossy stone walls, the beauty of traditional Japanese architecture can be viewed everywhere. The view from the shrine repository (a former palace) displaying the shrine’s treasures brings in the full view of the Kanto Plain which forms a borrowed landscape garden.

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