An observation point located at the top of the Usuitoge Pass where the splendid scenery from the age of the Man'yōshū can be treasured.

Miharashidai is an observation point from the Usuitoge Pass which was also written about in the Man'yōshū, Japan’s oldest collection of Japanese poetry. The landscape that can be viewed from Miharushidai such as Mt. Asama, Mt. Myogi and the Kanto Plain in the distance hasn’t changed since ancient times.

From Miharashidai at the top of the Usuitoge Pass on the Nakasendo route, the Kanto Plain, the Japanese Alps and Mt. Asama can be viewed on a good day. There is a walking trail starting from the entrance to Miharashidai which goes as far as 3km which can be strolled quite comfortably. The observation point can be enjoyed from spring to fall.

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