Isobe Spa

A quiet onsen area which prospered in the Meiji and Taisho Eras, it is also known as the birthplace of the onsen icon.

The long-established Isobe Spa which is famous for being the birthplace of the onsen icon is located between Tokyo and Karuizawa and is the ideal hot spring area to get that feeling of a regional city. You can also enjoy foot baths for free.

Isobe Spa was used long ago by travelers coming and going on the Nakasendo route, and just before the town of Karuizawa was opened up as a cottage area in the Meiji Era, the spa was a very lively spot. It is also the birthplace of the internationally recognized icon for an onsen(♨)which was first displayed to represent Isobe Spa on an illustrated map in 1661 accompanying the judgement providing ownership rights to the land for the spa.
The current Isobe Spa includes 8 hot-spring hotels quietly standing in a row with the local fireworks festival, the Edo Era confection Isobe Senbei (rice crackers) and ayu (sweetfish) cuisine being the hallmarks of the area.

Business hours 8:00~19:00 (the opening times for the foot baths)
Closing hours The 3rd Thursday of the month(foot baths are closed)
Price FREE
Address 1-131 Isobe, Annaka, Gunma
Telephone 027-382-1111
Website http://www.city.annaka.gunma.jp/kanko_spot/isobe_spa.html