Ichinomiya Nukisaki Shrine

Ichinomiya Nukisaki Shrine is also known as “the shrine to step down to” since you have to go up the sando path and then go down the other side. There is a certain majesty that surrounds the distinct main building of the shrine.

The shrine has been worshiped since ancient times as Gunma Prefecture’s highest-ranking shrine. Its downsloping sando path whose precious construction is considered to be unusual even in Japan brings to the fore a dignified atmosphere.

Ichinomiya Nukisaki Shrine is located in a valley called Ayamegatani so that you have to climb up a hill and then come down to the shrine. The sando path which actually goes down to Nukisaki is considered to be unusual even in Japan. The shrine had been constructed in the year 531 but its current main building was built in 1635 under the orders of Iemitsu Tokugawa. The main shrine, the front shrine and the tower gate with their rich lacquer have become National Important Cultural Assets and the shrine’s grand ornamentation is well worth seeing. During cherry blossom season, the sando is decorated with the blossoms of Yoshino cherries.

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Address 1535 Ichinomiya, Tomioka, Gunma
Telephone 0274-62-2009
Website http://nukisaki.or.jp/