Usuitoge Railway Bunkamura (Culture Village)

An interactive railway theme park which relates about the history of one of the most difficult transportation routes of the Japanese railway, Usuitoge Pass.

In addition to the display of valuable trains, you can also try operating Japan’s sole electrical locomotive. This is a facility famous as the Mecca for train fans.

Usuitoge Railway Bunkamura is a railway theme park which not only displays the history of the Usui Line operating in the most difficult area for the former Japan National Railways and the trains which were used on the line but also allows visitors to see, feel and experience them as well. It is extremely popular as the place that Japanese train fans have to visit at least once. Beginning with the ED42 that was used to overcome the altitudinal difference with the introduction of the Abt system of rail transport, you can touch many kinds of trains by getting into the engineer’s seat of the trains on display such as the EF62 and the Asama 189. Over 30 valuable trains are displayed.
Furthermore, it is also possible to try operating the EF63 electrical locomotive which was constructed specifically to get over Usuitoge Pass, and many railway fans from all over the country have been dying to get reservations. Also there is a torokko (trolley) train that runs mainly during the summer from the grounds to the day onsen, Toge-no-Yu, so it is also great for families.

Business hours March 1st-October 31st 9:00-17:00(You can enter Bunkamura up to 16:30)
November 1st-the last day of February 9:00-16:30(You can enter Bunkamura up to 16:00)
Closing hours Tuesdays except for August・December 29th-January 4th
(If a Tuesday lands on a holiday, then the next day will be closed)
Price Adult: 500 yen
Child: 300 yen
Address 407-16, Yokokawa, Matsuidamachi, Annaka, Gunma
Telephone 027-380-4163
Website http://www.usuitouge.com/bunkamura/