Gunma Safari Park

A wildlife kingdom where you can observe animals from the comfort of your car.

There is a leisure tour where you see 1000 animals from around 100 species up close and personal, and a plaza for petting of the small animals. And there is even an amusement park with a Ferris wheel to enjoy.

Gunma Safari Park is a theme park where you can observe 1000 animals representing 100 species from around the world from your own car. There are animals ranging from miniature horses and rabbits to huge white tigers and Sumatran elephants. You can see all of them as you ride around the park in your own car with audio guides which provide detailed commentary on the ecologies for the animals. However, there are also buses at the park where you can feed the animals and leisure tours where you can get very close to them via off-road vehicles. Also, on the park grounds, there is also an amusement park with a Ferris wheel so that the entire area is a relaxation spot for the citizens of the prefecture.

Business hours March-October 9:30 ~ 16:00 (park closes at 17:00)
November-February 9:30 ~ 15:30 (park closes at 16:30)
Closing hours Wednesdays
※If a Wednesday lands on a national holiday, then it will be open. Also the park will operate during holiday weekends and holiday seasons.
Price Adult: 2700 yen
Child: 1400 yen
Address Gunma Safari Park, Okamoto, Tomioka, Gunma
Telephone 0274-64-2111