Mt. Myogi

The mountain which is bristling with strangely-shaped rocks is one of Japan’s Three Great Rare Scenic Beauties. The scene of interweaving fall colors and unusual rocks is especially beautiful.

The powerful sight of the rocky Mt. Myogi is unusual even in Japan and is a place to behold. In spring, there are cherry blossoms and fresh leaves while in autumn, the mountain is famous for the changing leaves. The area also has a shrine, an onsen and an art museum.

Mt. Myogi is considered to be one of Japan’s Three Great Rare Scenic Beauties alongside Kyushu’s Yabakei Gorge and Shikoku’s Kankakei Gorge as a famous place for its bizarre rock formations standing close together. In Gunma Prefecture, the mountain is also admired as one of the province’s representative mountains along with Mt. Akagi and Mt. Haruna so that it has been worshiped since ancient times. It is the highest peak at approximately 1000 meters with a climbing course continuing along a sheer rock face that is said to be a challenge for even top-class climbers. In 1912, English mountain climber Walter Weston and one other climber scaled Mt. Myogi with the use of ropes with the techniques being related first to the Japanese so that the area is also known as the birthplace of modern climbing in the country.

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