Apt Road Walking Trail

The walking trail that was once a railway line a century ago is located within a national park.

A 6km-long trail which evokes the history of Japan that modernized after the influx of Western culture through structures such as the country’s largest arched brick bridge.

The 6km-long Apt Road Walking Trail which was created from an abandoned railway line known as the Old Shinetsu Line for the Apt Railroad is a path that can be enjoyed all throughout the year. On the Apt course, in addition to the Old Maruyama Transformer Substation that has been designated as a National Important Cultural Asset, there are 3 bridges including Japan’s largest arched brick bridge, Megane Bridge, and 10 tunnels. There is also a tunnel which extends for over 600m so that walking through a cultural heritage made of brick can be enjoyed. The biggest attraction, though, is the contrast between the group of buildings and the surrounding nature. The surrounding national park reveals especially wonderful scenes such as the time of fresh leaves and the season of autumn leaves turned bright red. And when you take a step outside of the nature-filled Nakasendo, you will be able to feel the history of Japan that modernized with the help of Westerners beginning with British engineer Pownall who assisted in the construction of the railroad facilities.

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